William The Watchcat Peggy Mann

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William The Watchcat  by  Peggy Mann

William The Watchcat by Peggy Mann
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This was the first book I ever owned although the memory of it is a shameful one. At our first grade Christmas party this was what my mom chose for me to give for the gift exchange. We both thought it was great. (Thats probably the last thing we ever agreed upon)Sadly, the little girl I traded with brought a checkers set. I hated games, still do (except Scrabble).

All my dreams of Christmas joy were ruined. The other girl felt just as shocked and disillusioned with the book I gave her. We both behaved badly...cried and bemoaned our spoiled Christmas loudly. Finally, the teacher decided we should both just keep the gifts we meant to give. The sun cleared. I sniffed, dried my tears and couldnt believe my good fortune. I quickly snatched William the Watchcat and disappeared into a corner to enjoy it before the horrid little twit could disagree.Now Im all grown up and would give my child a smack on the butt if he behaved so rudely.

Sigh, but I loved that book and memorized it in just a few days. And you know what, I still hate checkers.Anyway, its a cute little beginner reader book.

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