R 18 Emiko Sugi

ISBN: 9784091300942


167 pages


R   18  by  Emiko Sugi

R 18 by Emiko Sugi
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Its most certainly interesting. I wasnt really expecting it to be so since Ive read more than a few of secret hs writers. Plus, theres more than a few volumes too. Im looking forward to seeing if it can hold my interest or not. Only time will tell...So, finished the entire series. Fairly ok, three stars stands for all four volumes.Im just going to review them here as there is no goodreads official multivolume, and I feel I never set them up quite right. Moving on-vol 2I wish these scenes werent so explicit.vol 3The reason why they have to ask about making changes to the script and such is about the legal right over creative interpretation.

He could have said no, that it wasnt part of what was envisioned, etc. etc.But whatever, great twist in how to get out of it. Minato always has an idea for getting out of things.vol 4Did I miss something or are these kids not 15 and 16? Ever feel like you are watching Teen Mom here? I did. All I kept seeing in my head were these hillbilly kids thinking they are so grown up and living together, getting married... because child brides always end up happy.

My suspension of reality just came back at me in huge waves.Ah how sweet!Ew, no! Ew!How nice, hes a very mature 15 yr old.You are 16! Get a grip! Ill slap you!Happily ever after? Yes?Put your shirt back on! Geez! No one wants to see that! Oh, and yes, very grownup of you. *clap clap*Youre the parents, grow a backbone! My mom would have said this:Youll meet another guy.

Statically there are 1000 guys who are perfect for you. No seriously, almost a direct quote there. And I always thought as she was saying that yeah, and what if all of them are in China?This had me feeling like I had a split personality. That, and I kept forgetting that they were only like 15 and 16! Geez!

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