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How to - RIDE THE CHARIOT OF GOD  by  Gods Secret

How to - RIDE THE CHARIOT OF GOD by Gods Secret
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From this book one leans how to Enter the Markavah (Chariot of Divine visions)By learning this book one will learn how to acquire the necessary qualities and secrets of the Torah so that they may descend upon the Markava and they will find their will is that of Gods and the God fulfills it before them.

The book teaches the way to guard oneself so they may descend upon the Markava. Personal Divine Providence will be close at hand and the scribe Gavrial will be at hand to write down their merits and request for him permissionso he may enter before the the Thrown of Glory.By the teachings in this book every man is provided with a ladder in his house to ascend and descend as was with our fathers.

They will become unified through the God to the world as a whole and its forces.When this is merited and they merit the real secrets of the Torah, those only shared with members of the Kings family, innermost circle. Then there will be made and burst forth רוח הקודש (the Spirit of Holiness) from the house of God. Their Torah work will arouse supernal inspiration of Divine creative wisdom and face to face revelation.

By this is drawn Divine providence down below.

Enter the sum

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